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Children of adoption workers kidnapped by “birthmothers”

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Oh dear. I really do feel bad for the adoption workers who were so careless as to lose their access to their kids, but obviously they must have done something terrible to have that happen. It is obviously and undoubtedly In the Best Interests of the Children that they remain with the birthmothers, who can offer these children far more security than the careless adoption workers have clearly previously managed to provide for them.

Those lucky lucky children!

(And no, I can’t believe it took me this long to trip over this stunningly written post.)

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“Birthmothers” retaliate, kidnap children of adoption workers

RECEIVING COUNTRIES, May 5, 2008 (Impoverished Women’s News) — A self-identified group of “birthmothers” retaliated against the adoption industry early Monday morning, kidnapping thousands of children of adoption agency workers at traditional shopping malls worldwide.

In major metropolitan centers around the world where children of impoverished women were sent for adoption, the children of middle-class adoption workers went missing, and adoption agency buildings were looted and burned in simultaneous, apparently timed, attacks.

“We are holding the children at a safe but undisclosed location,” said a spokeswoman for the the group claiming responsibility. “Adoption workers who wish to know where their children are being held may apply to our search process, but they should know that we do get many requests and we are very, very busy so they have to be patient,” said the woman who spoke through a translator.

The armed group…

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Sun, 23 September, 2012 at 9:19 pm

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