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Loki: God of Adoptees?

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Okay, so it’s not unknown that I’m Lokean, and have been for many years now, and so obviously some’re gonna say that I’m suggesting this *just* because of that, but I’m not. Nor has this just cropped up because of the whole Loki/adoptee “slur” in the recent Avengers film, as mentioned in the previous couple of posts, either. Nope, this is something that’s been long on my mind because of how much I know about Loki and his life from the research I’ve long been doing ’cause of being Lokean. It’s just taken me until now to get some kind of post about it sorted in a place that’s likely to be seen by adoptees.

Doing a Google search when trying to find out if there was any such things as a God of Adoptees wasn’t at all helpful. All it kept coming back with is “God is a God of Adoption” (I’m assuming that the sites’re referring to the Xtian gawd, rather than any other). Of course, it also makes soooooooo much sense, that I don’t know why it surprised me very much – after all, only a jealous and possessive god can think it’s ok to steal other people’s kids away from them in order to exert their own influence, and that’s pretty much adoption in a nutshell.

Now I know WikiP’s hardly what one could call a trustable resource, but it is a helpful place to start, and thus first things first, a snippet from WikiP’s Loki page:

In her review of scholarly discourse involving Loki, scholar Stefanie von Schnurbein (2000) comments that “Loki, the outsider in the Northern Germanic pantheon, confounds not only his fellow deities and chronicler Snorri Sturluson [referring to the Prose Edda] but has occasioned as much quarrel among his interpreters. Hardly a monography, article, or encyclopedic entry does not begin with the reference to Loki as a staggeringly complex, confusing, and ambivalent figure who has been the catalyst of countless unresolved scholarly controversies and has elicited more problems than solutions”.[60]

Additionally, Loki’s “known” to be “adopted” as the blood-brother of Thor Odin.

[Correction added 07 Sept 2013 after @damberdrake pointed it out somewhere not linkable. :p I blame too much Jossverse. :p]

Finally, where all else may fail, I think most adoptees’ll recognise this and be able to exchange Loki for themselves.

Norse Crisis Flowchart

Initially discovered on (my *squee*) LiveJournal Lokeans community, but shared with you here as a final nail in the coffin kinda thing just to show how much Loki actually SHOULD BE Patron God of Adoptees. ;}

This post was planned to be a whole load longer, but it’s Sunday, and I’ve gotta do the going spending time with t’other half while he’s not at work/asleep from work, thus this initial post’ll have to do, and anything else can get thrashed out in the comments.

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Sun, 13 May, 2012 at 2:27 pm

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