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Taking newborns

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I first started this post in reaction to 6th March’s Daily Wail Mail article, social workers arrived at hospital to take woman’s baby while she was in labour.

A mother is demanding an apology from social services after her baby was taken away from her as soon as she was born.

Kelly McWilliams, 36, claims that social workers arrived at her bedside while she was in labour and took her newborn daughter Victoria into foster care.

I’d already posted about this subject before (AMBER ALERT! Missing child snatched!) and wanted to look at it in more depth. However, due to my entire crapness at getting things done, the post has been sat here as one of my many unfinished drafts.

Friday just gone (5th April), there appeared yet another post about a Social Services (Staffordshire, again) snatching (literally) a newborn from its mom. This time, it’s an extremely harrowing video showing the newborn being snatched from its screaming mom’s arms.

Sadly, this is the same family as appeared in my previous reblog where the SWers were waiting in the delivery suite for the mom to give birth so they could take the baby away from its mom straight away.

While I, like all the other adoptee advocates I know who’re campaigning for changes to the Institution of Adoption, realise there are people out there who’re harmful to the wellbeing of the children they create, I am absolutely convinced that unless a newborn is in immediate physical danger from its mom, then it should not be removed at birth.

Heck, it’s even advised that puppies are kept with their moms for up to the first eight weeks, or else there is a greater risk of separation anxiety, yet Social Services (and especially Staffordshire) – despite all the evidence of the need of babies for THEIR OWN mothers – in their accumulated ‘wisdom’ are happy to wade in and disrupt those very important early weeks.

SWers cite “concerns” for the baby’s welfare for actions such as this, yet unless those “concerns” are that the mom will be an IMMEDIATE threat to the baby’s physical safety, these SWers are acting contrary to scietific research that demonstrates why newborns should NOT be removed from their mother.

I’d already done the following research when I first started this post, and so because I’ve got to go out, and because I want to get this done in time for inclusion in this week’s #WASO hosted by The Boy’s Behaviour, I’m leaving you with the list of posts that I’d already filtered through that relate to those important first weeks in which yes, even people NEED THEIR OWN moms UNLESS that mom is going to be an immediate physical danger to the kid.

The First Hour Following Birth: Don’t Wake the Mother!

The First Hour After Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages

Care Practice #6: No Separation of Mother and Baby, With Unlimited Opportunities for Breastfeeding

Ms McWilliams, from Scawthorpe, Doncaster, says that she was separated from her baby for three months and allowed to see her for only six hours a week under close supervision until a court ordered that Victoria should be returned to her mother.

The Fourth Trimester – AKA: Why Your Newborn is Only Happy in Your Arms

Developmental milestones: Separation and independence

Attachment And Separation: What Everyone Should Know

Margaret Mahler and Separation-Individuation Theory

The Mother-Baby Bond @ Scientific American

Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology: An Introduction Part 1 by Thomas R. Verny MD, D.Psych, DHL, FRCPC

Found some videos by Dr. Thomas Verny on prenatal and perinatal psychology. I found them very interesting. It’s too bad this stuff isn’t common knowledge.

Part 1:
Part 2:

UPDATE: 12 April

There’s been another video released; Father Of Snatched Baby Speaks Out

Paul Roberts and his wife Asha had their one day old baby taken last week by Staffordshire Social Services personnel assisted by the police. He spoke to Brian Gerrish about the circumstances on today’s UK Column Live.

ARTICLE | APRIL 11, 2013 – 5:23PM

UPDATE: 06 September

In an effort to protect their own villainous behaviour, Staffordshire SS attempted to get the first video in this post banned. Thankfully, as reported in the much maligned Daily Fail, I mean Wail, um Mail, sensibility has prevailed, and it’s now no longer banned.

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Sun, 7 April, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Children of adoption workers kidnapped by “birthmothers”

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Oh dear. I really do feel bad for the adoption workers who were so careless as to lose their access to their kids, but obviously they must have done something terrible to have that happen. It is obviously and undoubtedly In the Best Interests of the Children that they remain with the birthmothers, who can offer these children far more security than the careless adoption workers have clearly previously managed to provide for them.

Those lucky lucky children!

(And no, I can’t believe it took me this long to trip over this stunningly written post.)

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Sun, 23 September, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Can UK Social Workers truly have “the best interests of the child” at the heart of their work

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On Saturday 9th June this year, I went to the Birmingham Child Stealing by the State conference. I (kind of) gave a short presentation voicing some of the issues faced by adoptees (didn’t get to use my .pptx[1] ‘n’ got cut short to let John Hemming, MP go on :p). Whilst there, I heard it suggested that Social Work is a dying profession. This argument could be said to have merit, especially after the University of Southampton ended its degree programme in the subject, with a statement announcing:

the quality of the research being produced by the university was not of a high enough level to sustain the courses. It said it had not been able to reach a position where it could ensure that “internationally excellent research can be found in this academic discipline”.

Errors in judgement after errors in judgement after errors in judgement impact both public and professional perceptions alike – leaving it little wonder why the title has earned itself the rephrasing to Social Wreckers.

Whilst contemplating my personal attitude towards the Social Work profession, a timely reminder as to the nature of “social work” was posted by The Declassified Adoptee. “Social Wreckers” reminds the reader that not all social work is about taking kids. I actually am aware of this, but when caught up in the furore against wrongs, it can get difficult to still see some of the rights. Other Social Workers go nowhere near kids, and instead deal with the elderly, ensuring they get checked on when there’s no-one else left. Yes, I admit it, not all Social Workers are bad, or evil. ;)

Yet in this climate of fear these are people facing budget cuts, or other job threats for varying reasons. How can those who are in the child snatching adoption industry possibly have “the best interests of the child” at the heart of their work when their very jobs depend so very much on hitting the targets so recently drawn up by the Government in order to eliminate targets?

I honestly don’t think it’s possible that it can be – especially since it’s been known for decades that adoption is not “for the best”. That’s why in Australia, they’ve got it down to the sorts of figures it should be running at (if it must run at all). Perhaps somewhat more astoundingly, the Australian Government has issued an apology to those separated by forced adoption – yet in this country, forced adoption is on the rise.


It doesn’t make sense to me.

Of course, somehow or another, a paradigm change has happened over in Aus., and adoption is now seen as the last option, not the first. This is as it should be, because let’s not forget that despite “child protection” supposedly being about protecting kids; that child only exists for 18 years at most. Adoption stays inflicted upon us for the rest of our lives though.

If the Government are going to keep aiming to annihilate more and more childrens’ heritages, then they need to give the adult that child grows into the option to nullify their adoption. “As if” it never was.

ETA on 16 Sep
Another course bites the dust: Closure of MSc in MH Social Work at Institute of Psychiatry.

[1] {THIS} is the .pptx that never happened, and {THIS} is the script I was stumbling over. And {THIS} little piggy is the snippet of a cam. copy of The Avengers, with the bit where “everyone” laughs when Thor says “he’s adopted” about Loki.

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Wed, 4 July, 2012 at 8:59 pm

America has finally legalised kidnapping – no joke!

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Please. Tweet the following, and see if we can get this poor kid back to her mom #Call4ActionAgainstAmerica #AmericaLegalisesKidnapping #RescueAnyeliHernandezRodriguez

It is absolutely disgusting that, with this move, America has legalised kidnapping.

I’ve also sent the following message to Madeleine McCann’s parents, since this impacts them too.

I sincerely hope your kid is found in a Hague country, otherwise you could very well end up facing yourself.

Please, help this mother get her own child back, while also gaining support for the hunt for your own child.

Action needs to be called for against America who have, with this move, legalised the kidnapping of children.

Please, for this child and her mother – and possibly yourselves if your daughter is discovered somewhere the UK doesn’t share an agreement with – use your contacts to point out horrific America’s legalisation of kidnapping is.

Have just tweeted the following: #Call4ActionAgainstAmerica #AmericaLegalisesKidnapping #RescueAnyeliHernandezRodriguez

Please retweet.

Found @ Fox 4 News

Missouri Couple to Keep Allegedly Kidnapped Child
Posted on: 8:49 am, May 15, 2012, by Jason M. Vaughn, updated on: 12:39pm, May 15, 2012

LIBERTY, Mo. — A Missouri couple will not be forced by U.S. officials to return a girl adopted from Guatemala in 2008, despite evidence that the girl was kidnapped from her birth mother by a child trafficking ring, Guatemalan officials said on Monday.

Timothy and Jennifer Monahan of Liberty adopted the then-four-year-old girl in 2008. The child was kidnapped from her mother in the small Guatemalan town of San Miguel Petapa in November of 2006.

According to a Guatemalan official citing a diplomatic cable from the U.S. State Department, the couple will not be forced by the U.S. to return the child to her mother because neither the U.S. nor Guatemala had signed Hague Abduction Convention — a treaty regarding international kidnapping — at the time of the kidnapping.

The two nations signed the agreement in January 2008.

Last August, a Guatemalan judge ruled that there was no evidence that the Monahans had any knowledge of the trafficking ring or of any illegal activity.

According to the Associated Press, the child — Anyeli Hernandez Rodriguez — was born Oct. 1, 2004, the second child of Loyda Rodriguez, a housewife, and her bricklayer husband, Dayner Orlando Hernandez.

The girl disappeared Nov. 3, 2006, as Rodriguez was distracted while opening the door to their house in a working class suburb, San Miguel Petapa. The AP reports that she turned to see a woman whisk the girl, then 2 years old, away in a taxi.

Rodriguez spent over a year at an adoption agency before being adopted by the Monahans, the AP reports.

When contacted by FOX 4 last August, the Monahan’s left a note on their home which read, “Please respect our privacy at this time.”

Problems with child trafficking has caused the U.S. State Department to put a stop on all adoptions from Guatemala.

Please help stop America doing this. Thank you.

UPDATING to include links as I trip over ’em.

May 15, 2012
Anyeli Hernandez Rodriguez, Girl Allegedly Kidnapped And Adopted, Will Not Return To Guatemala

May 16, 2012
Guatemalan Mother to Ask US Court to Return Adopted Daughter

May 17, 2012
Kidnapped in Guatemala, ‘adopted’ in America

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Tue, 15 May, 2012 at 9:47 pm

AMBER ALERT! Missing child snatched!

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While this isn’t my re-blog blog, I am re-blogging this particular post as it details the most horrific of crimes, perpetrated by those who are SUPPOSED TO be responsible for protecting the young. The actions demonsrated within this post are abhorrent. For me, today, they are especially appalling, as – for part of my research – I have again been reading some of Nancy Verrier’s words on the neural and limbic connections forming in the newborn, and the necessary dependence of the baby upon its mother.

I simply do not have the words to describe how utterly sickened this action has made me feel, and how horrified I am for the poor baby whose only want, need, and desire is for ITS OWN MOTHER!

This is a heinous crime, perpetuated against one of the youngest members of our planet!!

Staffordshire Social Services

Thi is the picture of  JENNY Sahota social worker waiting in delivery suite to snatch child.      AMBER ALERT mising child snatched from delivery suite at Burton Hospital by Marian Richards et al team denying a child of its breastmilk is against the childs HUMAN RIGHTS justice munby. Image

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