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Contact: Summary of feedback and Government response

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Call for views: adoption contact arrangements and sibling placements
Summary of feedback and Government response
February 2013

Kinda saddening that there were only “received 102 responses on
sibling placement and 125 on contact with birth parents”.

Government’s .pdf available here.

Also, there have been key changes to adoption, published today in Children and Families Bill.

I have no comment to make on these yet because I haven’t read them yet. No doubt that when I do read them, I’ll agree with a lot, but have my blood boiling while I’m reading them because of how weasley they tend to be written.

While they’re making all these changes though, the one thing I can’t understand is why they don’t bring in while they’re at it. At least then it gives those who’re made into #adoptees the chance to make THEIR OWN decisions as to whether they want to STAY adopted once they’re adults.

Of course, it’d also be nice if they’d sort post-adoption support out so that I don’t NEED to try to get Post-Adoption Charity up and running.

Somehow, sadly, I don’t think they’ll do either though, since it means then that they can’t be pimping adoption as wonderful and loved by all us spoken-for adoptees. After all, how can it be wonderful if so many of need therapy because of it?

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