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Yesterday I failed again to manage to churn out a single entry to reach the daily quota of one whole blog post – not because I have nothing to write/say, but because I have too much to write/say. Indeed, one of the biggest problems I experience during almost all of my discussions about my desire to annihilate adoption like adoption annihilates us is not lack of subject matter, but too great and disparate subject matterS, all intertwined under the seemingly simple notion that is adoption.

Thus, this – my second catch-up post in less than a week – will be my effort at untangling some of myriad issues involved. Hopefully, this may also help me get to grips better with writings in the future. On the other hand, because there IS so much overlap within the subject, such delineation may simply confuse the issue more, resulting in my writings becoming even more stifled than they already are, simply because it is so difficult not to stray across subject boundaries.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s several hours later, and I’ve given up on trying to write this from scratch. Instead I’m pointing you at the Changing Paradigms .docx file that I created for the presentation I gave at the Birmingham Child Stealing by the State Conference back in June.

Unfortunately, this lack of being able to write coherently is one of the many side-effects I’m suffering from CAUSED BY the closed-adoption system within which I grew up. It is, I strongly suspect, one of the relics of the untreated P.T.S.D. that I (and many other adoptees) am experiencing. It’s also the biggest reason that – contrary to all my hopes and dreams – I have yet again failed to make it through university. After all, being able to write coherently is a major part of successfully attaining a Sociology degree, thus despite the massive wealth of knowledge on the subject that I KNOW I possess, being unable to translate that knowledge into coherent form in essays and the like, I would be wasting yet another year’s Student Loan by going.

Written by 7rin

Wed, 7 November, 2012 at 11:35 pm

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