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So, it’s now officially National Adoption Week in the UK.

@twitter is already plastered with posts “celebrating” #adoption, and calling for more to be subjected to the legalised post-natal identity abortion that is adoption. I don’t do television (often), but I have absolutely no doubt that it’s also plastered with articles on how wunnerful adoption is, and how much adoption saves lives. Radio and the newspapers probably are too, but again, they’re not something I do.

I have a question though that no-one seems to want to answer: Why adoption? Why is adoption seen as “the solution” to the problems faced by kids with parents who can’t, or don’t want to parent?

Adoption is a legal procedure that legally annihilates someone’s identity, and replaces it with a fake identity, an assumed identity, a pretend identity. Yet this falseness is supposed to the answer to the issues of kids who’ve already lost enough – why?

Taking just one example from Twitter, ‏@KnowsleyCouncil has posted saying that “573 children in the NW are waiting for their ‘forever family’” – yet no-one seems to be asking one of the most important questions – why do these children think that being adopted equates to being in a family forever? Why is no-one suggesting that these children are taken in and raised in love and with care WITHOUT having to forgo THEIR OWN identity? Why are so many advocating for these children to lose yet more from their lives, simply to be afforded the love and care that all children should be able to depend on?

During my presentation at the Birmingham Child Stealing by the State conference in June, I pointed out that adoption is nothing more than punishing the child for the sins (real or imagined) of the parents. After all, it is not the parents who have their identity legally and IRREVOCABLY torn from them, but the kids who have already been taken from those parents. Why?

Why is adoption seen as the solution? It’s not something I’ve had any answers to yet.

Written by 7rin

Mon, 5 November, 2012 at 12:35 pm

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