Adopted in the UK

The life of a UK adoptee

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Cannock SS do this, yet they point blank refuse to help the adoptees they’ve already created (e.g. me) with the traumas of adoption.

Sick, twisted bastards!

Staffordshire Social Services

I have just found MY twins on the adoption website the way social services have described them is unreal they are just babies not animals that have just started walking they are not noisey children they need to be at home with there real family not some people who think they can parent a child because they cant have them themselves i might be a young mum but i would never harm my children and they was taken away from me because i was a young SINGLE mum of twins its unfair young single parents should not be a traget its not very often you hear a teen mum harming her child infact on the news its been growen adults killing their children strarving them its disgusting social services should be ashamed and as for SHEENA ADAMS coming into my home and taking my beautiful children away from me half…

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Written by 7rin

Sat, 22 September, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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